Pesten op de basisschool: visie en aanpak van leerkrachten. Noort, E.J.M. van den; Galesloot, J.; Drenth, L.; Draaijer, S.

The purpose of this study was to explore third and fourth grade teachers’ perceptions of bullying, their visions of bullying, their approach to prevent bullying and their (informational) needs regarding bullying in the school context. For this exploratory study, 12 teachers were interviewed in depth. Subsequently, the data were qualitatively analyzed to answer the various objectives. Results showed that teachers do not mention all the elements of the official definition. Locations called as places for bullying were mostly outside the class, for example schoolyard or swimming pool. When it came to the cause of bullying behavior, teachers predominantly named child related factors as well from victims as bully’s. Teachers appreciate bullying as a serious issue. Each school is creating a positive climate to prevent bullying. When bullying happens schools have different methods to intervene. Finally, some of the teachers were interested in getting more information about bullying. An implication of this research is that respondents were not randomly assigned. Recommendations for further research have been made.